English lesson 100

Mysteries of Egypt

If I could travel back in time, I would travel back to Ancient Egypt to solve certain mysteries about Ancient Egypt. So what mysteries? First, did the Ancient Egyptians know how to use electricity? There is a lot of evidence, but we still are not sure. And secondly were they cruel and heartless to their slaves or did they treat them good? These are a few of the reasons i would go back to Ancient Egypt.

English review lesson 80

The way I do it

This is my favorite way to do school. I like doing my school alone and some where quite. I like to listen to music as I do school work, but mom doesn’t like me doing that. I also like to lay in bed as I watch my lessons. When I learn I like to make it fun. I always write in cursive, and I always write my essay on paper first. And that’s how I do it.

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