Chess Game

This is for Iman and I so feel free to look, but if you have a comment post it in a different post, thanks.

These are the grid numbers, or what ever you want to call them. So if you see me say B2 to B4 then I’m moving from the square B2 to the square B4 ( don’t worry Iman I’m not talking to you )

This is what the game looks like so far

106 thoughts on “Chess Game

      1. I was sleeping so sorry. But here is the pass for all protected df daily posts: longliverpc

        Please post it on the forums. I’ll resume the chess game soon.


  1. Whoops. I moved your horse to G5. Sorry. Now what are we supposed to do?I could just move your horse where you want it to be. Wait.


            1. To be honest. You were winning for the first half. You were 3 points ahead. But then, everythin changed when I avenged my bishops blood. I came back. It was a good game.


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