History review of lessons 141-144

This week I studied the Safety Razor, Airplane, Vacuum Tube, and the Model T.

Safety Razor, 1901

The Safety Razor was invented by King Camp Gillette, born in Wisconsin in 1855. Before the safety razor it was really hard to get a shave without cutting your face all up. King Camp Gillette, worked as a cork salesman, and he saw that people would buy disposable products only to use it a few times and throw it away the next day. He applied that concept to the razor and invented the safety razor, in 1901. The safety razor makes it much easier to shave and you didn’t need to sharpen it because when the razor blades got dull you just throw the blade away and snap another one on the handle. The impact the safety razor had is before the safety razor very few men didn’t have beards and after the safety razor very few men had beards.

Airplane, 1903

Humans have always wanted to fly. Hot air balloons arrived in 1866, but people didn’t just want to go up and down but they wanted to fly through the air. Orville Wright, was in was born in Ohio in 8171 and Wilbur Wright was born in Indiana in 1867. Nether of them finished high school. They opened up a bicycles repair shop in 1892 and soon they started making their own bicycles. Inspired by Otto Lilienthan, they started experimenting with different gliders and finally in 1903 when they found the right glider, they added a motor and invented the airplane! Airplanes carry passengers and cargo really far, really fast. No one believed that the Wright brothers invented the airplane, but later on they held public demonstrations to prove it. The airplane had a big impact on shipping, warfare, and transportation.

Vacuum tube, 1904

John Fleming, was born in England in 1849. He wanted to be an engineer at the age of 11. When he got older he worked for Edison’s company, then started working for Marconi. He invented the vacuum tube in 1904. It’s used to convert AC power to DC power. It improved radios and computers, it led to CRTs, which made the TV possible.

Model T, 1908

Henry Ford, was born in Michigan in 1863. He built a quadricycle in 1896, and he made a race car 1902. Ford wanted to make a car that families could afford, so model after model Ford improved his car and in 1908 Henry Ford invented the very first family affordable car. In just days over 15,000 orders came in. The model T went from $825 to $260 in 16 years (Which is like from $22,000 to 13,000 in today’s money) Ford’s influence led to the auto-start ignition. Today cars are so common we don’t stop to think what it would be like without them.

Thanks for reading, let me know of mistakes.

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